Fastmicro Sample Scanner

The Fastmicro Sample Scanner measures surface particle contamination levels indirectly using samplers. These samplers benefit the user by enabling them to take particle contamination samples at any time on various products and assemblies. It even allows robust measurements in places that are difficult to reach, and on relatively rough surfaces.  The sampler collects particles from the surface, without leaving measurable residue behind. 

The Sample Scanner measures the samples within seconds, showing a measurement area of 225 mm2. The samplers can be transported in a clean sampler holder, re-measured and further analyzed. 

You can use the Sample Scanner with the card sampler holder for indirect measurements, and with the 1” wafer holder for fallout measurements.


The Sample Scanner has many applications, including;

  • Equipment
  • Assemblies
  • Parts
  • Cleaning

Key benefits

Sample Scanner Video



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