Surface Particle Detection in Seconds

Technical Cleanliness Control

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We enable surface particle contamination and technical cleanliness control according to 6 principles



Easy to Operate



High Throughput

Imaging in seconds

Measurement and qualification reports

Operator independent

High-resolution measurement (quantity, position, size)

Objective measurements, time after time

Processing​ at production line speeds

Particle Contamination Control

Our unique dark field metrology technology and modular system approach allows for a variety of microtechnology applications


Wafer, Pellicle and Reticle photomask inspection, Cleanroom particle deposition rate monitoring, Critical surfaces measurements

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OLED Cathode film measurements, Vacuum deposition measurements, Micro defect inspection

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Particle Detection and Inspection Products

Sample Scanner

Fast indirect surface particle counter and measurements

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Particle Defect Inspection System

High throughput particle detection and defect inspection 

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Particle Fallout Scanner

Continuous particle deposition rate measurements

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