Photomask Defect Inspection

FM-PR-PDS | Manual and Automated loader

  One-shot imaging FOV: Configurable for EUV Pellicles and Reticles

  High Throughput: Capable of 40 membrane measurements per hour

  Detection limit from 0.1 µm PSL particles

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FM-PDS: multi-application modular platform

The modular Fastmicro Particle Defect Inspection System metrology platform can be customized to suit each production qualification process or to fit into a production line. This can include manual and automated wafer handling: package openers for inspection and cleaning, filling stations, robot arms, an inspection spot and a port for cleaning. 

The Fastmicro system allows for a scaled inspection surface to suit customer needs, without introducing extra imaging time and using limited floor space.

Direct measurements on product surface

The Fastmicro Particle Defect Inspection System has been developed to measure surface particle contamination levels directly on a product surface in any industry. The primary applications are wafer, pellicles and reticles inspection in Semicon, but also substrates, like in the display market. 

The Particle Defect Inspection System has a 4 to 12-inch FOV scanning area, with top- & -bottom-side capability, without moving the product in the metrology stage due to its distinct optics design.

The system can be customized, depending on the surface that needs to be tested. The metrology module is also available as a white label solution for system integrators and OEM’s. 

Photomask PDS Applications

High Purity Critical parts
3D Packaging 
 hybrid bonding

front and backside

photomasks backside

front and backside

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Photomask PDS Specifications

Fast and High Production Throughput

  • High Throughput: Capable of over 40 membrane measurements per hour
  • One-shot imaging FOV: Configurable for EUV Pellicles and Reticles

Data Output

  • Qualification GO/NOGO: Cumulative count, Position and Size particle data
  • Annotated UI with particle detection overlay, plus ‘3D’ signal representation of any operator-selected particle
  • Analysis: export function including KLARF, Excel and Text Files (including standard bin sizes) and optional upgrade for XML data output 
  • Monitoring report SCP-class in UI and PDF, according to ISO standard 14644-9
  • Fully digital controlled, devicenet-ethernet 
  • Optional SECS/GEM factory automation

Easy to Operate

  • Operator independent
  • Integrated UI
  • Manual loader or Automated loader
  • 5 axis dual arm robot handling with specific substrate grippers
  • In-Line possible to use multi-purpose recipes

Detection Range

  • Detection limits capable from 100 nm (0.1 µm) PSL particles und up

Top/Bottom Inspection

  • Optional upgrade top-bottom inspection in single measurement (no flipping)


  • Over 99% cumulative particle count with standard particles capable from 0.1 µm

Sizing and location accuracy

  • Within 20% with PSL equivalent particles
  • Location accuracy 40 µm, location repeatability 15 µm

Lifetime & clean manufacturing practice

  • No contact & moving parts, minimal particle generation, maximum cleanliness
  • No movement and friction in metrology, low maintenance interval  
  • Low cost-of-ownership

Requirements on product

  • Roughness Ra < 50 nm

Models and footprint

  • FM-PRM-PDS-V01: Pellicle - Reticle Manual | 660x1335x2047mm [LxWxH]
  • FM-PRA-PDS-V01: Pellicle - Reticle Automated | 1320x1335x2047mm [LxWxH]

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