Particle Trap.

Measure sub-micrometer particle deposition rates in real-time.

  Deposition rate monitoring according to ISO 14644-17 Standards

  90% cumulative particle count

  Lower Detection Limit of 0.5 µm PSL particles

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Fallout Scanner for particle deposition rate monitoring

The Fastmicro Fallout Scanner has been developed to measure the particle deposition rate in any industry. It can be used in both vacuum as well as ambient environments.

The scanner module is also available as a white label solution for system integrators. 

Continuously measure where and when it matters.

The Fastmicro Fallout Scanner offers particle deposition rate monitoring with intervals in seconds. 

The particle deposition rate can be accurately measured starting at particles of just 0.5 µm. 

Combined with the easy-to-use software, we help our customers to view cleanliness measurements on surfaces instead of airborne-only. Not all particles remain airborne, as they could deposit on critical surfaces, impacting technical cleanliness. 

With the Particle Fallout Scanner, the actual deposition rate becomes clear and can be used for further cleanliness improvement.

Are you ready for the next step in cleanliness control?

Contact us and make your particle measurement in seconds.

​​Witness Wafer Kits Specifications

Fast and High Production Throughput

  • Continuous monitoring of particle deposition on a surface with intervals of seconds

Data Output

  • Analysis: Quantity, Timestamp, Position and Size of particles
  • Adder analysis: monitoring of incremental particle levels 
  • Annotated image with particle detection overlay, plus ‘3D’ signal representation of any operator-selected particle
  • Reporting: export function including KLARF and Excel Files (including standard bin sizes)
  • Qualification report in UI and PDF, according to ISO standards 14644-9 and 14644-17

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