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We believe breakthroughs in cleanliness control are achieved through fast, accurate, and quantitative surface particle measurements. Meet the team leading the way.

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Leadership Driving Innovation and Quality

Our management team empowers process quality engineers to make reliable decisions that enhance cleanliness processes and ensure the delivery of consistent, high-quality products. Their leadership fosters a culture of innovation that drives leading-edge performance for our end users.

Under their guidance, Fastmicro actively reduces yield losses while adapting to the ever-increasing cleanliness requirements of the industry. Founded on 15 years of research and collaboration with the Research Institute TNO, our management has expanded our reach with installations in seven countries, extensively collaborating with our customers in the entire supply chain.

Our dedicated demo center in the Brainport Eindhoven area reflects our commitment to continuous improvement and customer engagement. Here, we showcase our product portfolio, test new innovations, and conduct essential particle contamination measurement research and technical feasibility studies, ensuring that we provide the metrology solutions needed for effective surface particle measurements.

Fastmicro Management Team

Erik Vermeulen, CEO

Paul Janissen, CFO

Bart Dirkx, COO

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