Sample Scanner

Surface particle cleanliness validation at microscale.

  Detection from 0.5 µm size PSL equivalent particles

  Surface cleanliness validation according to ISO 14644-9

  >90% Pick-up efficiency | >90% Repeatability | Results in Seconds

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Particle Counting

The Fastmicro Sample Scanner is a surface particle contamination inspection tool for indirect measurements of particle count, size and location down to 0.5 micrometer particles using innovative 'tape-lift' samplers. These samplers or PMC cards facilitate flexible sampling on a variety of surfaces, including those that are difficult to reach or are unusually rough, without leaving any measurable residue. Quick and efficient, the scanner analyzes samples within seconds over a sample area of 225 mm², ensuring immediate and accurate results.

The versatility of the Sample Scanner is enhanced with different sampler options, including the card sampler holder for indirect measurements and the 1” wafer holder for fallout measurements. This adaptability makes it suitable to test diverse situations across various industries, providing robust measurements and valuable insights into contamination levels.

Sample Scanner Applications


Measurement Workflow for the Fastmicro Sample Scanner

Particle sampling on parts and in assemblies is possible on flat, curved and cavity surfaces

1. Part particle sampling with PMC       

2. Particle detection and measurement  
3. Particle Count, Size, Position in Seconds   

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Sample Scanner Specifications

Fast and High Production Throughput

  • Imaging in seconds; processed in seconds for 225 mm² 
  • Operator workflow in less than a minute

Data Output

  • Analysis: Quantity, Position and Size of particles
  • Annotated image with particle detection overlay, plus ‘3D’ signal representation of any operator-selected particle
  • Reporting: export function including KLARF and Excel Files (including standard bin sizes)
  • Optional qualification report in UI and PDF, according to ISO standard 14644-9
  • Data exchange via USB, or via an optional ethernet option (for example connection to database through XML)

Easy to Operate

  • Fit for use by operators in manufacturing and R&D environments.

Detection Range

  • From 0.5 µm PSL particles


  • 90% cumulative particle count, when replacing a sampler, with PSL particles from 0.5 µm 
  • Repeated result between scanners

Sizing Accuracy

  • Within 20% with PSL particles

Nondestructive – no cross contamination to samples

  • Nondestructive measurement and sample can be remeasured
  • No contact with sample measurement area
  • No cross-contamination due to sampler
  • No particle generation by the scanner in the measurement area (no moving parts)

Requirements on sampler and sample handling

  • Above scanner requirements can only be achieved with the use of certified samplers, fallout holders and direct measured products
  • Sampler contamination levels must at least be 10 times lower than the qualification level of the customer
  • Combined use in clean environment, i.e. cleanroom ISO 7, Class 10,000 or better
  • Card sampler holder for indirect measurements is included, fit for Particle Measurement Cards (PMC 2.0 in a box, as certified by partner)
  • Optional with 1” wafer holder, for particle fallout measurements

Size & weight

  • Scanner size 615 x 300 x 460 mm, weight 16 kg 
  • Transport packaging: size 710 x 530 x 670 mm, weight 45 kg

Fashion Model

  • FM-PS-SAS-V01

A closer Look at the Fastmicro Sample Scanner and Qualification Report Example

Sample Scanner | Control Your Cleanliness

The new standard in surface particle contamination measurements.



Sample Scanner 

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