Fastmicro at IEST ESTECH 2024 Conference

8 May 2024 by
Fastmicro at IEST ESTECH 2024 Conference
Fastmicro B.V.

We are proud to announce that our U.S. colleague, Sales Manager Hans Arts, recently represented our company at the IEST ESTECH 2024 conference. During this prestigious event, Hans delivered an insightful presentation focusing on how our cutting-edge tools enable customers to enhance contamination control through APC correlated cleanliness data. This data offers improved insights into the cleanliness of products and processes, allowing for the identification of necessary corrective actions that lead to significant yield improvements.

Additionally, Hans participated in several working groups, sharing expertise and gaining valuable insights and opportunities for our business.

We commend Hans for his excellent representation of our company and for his dedication to advancing our industry.