Fastmicro closes growth funding round for acceleration into the global microtechnology markets with expanded portfolio of surface particle contamination products and services.

7 June 2024 by
Fastmicro closes growth funding round for acceleration into the global microtechnology markets with expanded portfolio of surface particle contamination products and services.
Fastmicro B.V.

Geldrop, June 7th, 2024 – Fastmicro, an innovator in high-throughput (sub)micrometer surface particle measurement and contamination control solutions, has successfully closed a growth funding round with Value Creation Capital (VCC). The investment enables Fastmicro to accelerate the pace of commercial global expansion and supports the companies’ development to become a leading Dutch OEM supplying particle defect inspection systems to the Semiconductor manufacturing industry.

Fastmicro uses the power of Dark Field Scatterometry technology to develop particle counting solutions that accomplish breakthroughs in cleanliness control through fast, accurate and quantitative surface particle measurements. Particle detection down to 100 nm particle sizes is achieved on parts, assemblies, equipment, Wafers, EUV Pellicles and Reticles and other critical components requiring high-purity technical cleanliness. This enables process quality engineers to take reliable decisions on where and how to improve their cleanliness processes and deliver consistent quality products. And ultimately: reach high equipment performance for their end users.

Fastmicro was founded in 2019 by TRBM Group, S[&]T and Lans Engineering using patented technology from the national Dutch Research Institute TNO and the leading Semicon Litho OEM. Fastmicro introduced products, software and services that first gained a proven track-record in cleanliness-control effectiveness in the Dutch Lithography supply chain followed by global industry adoption. With the investment, Fastmicro is ensuring the company’s commercial acceleration and will introduce new solutions and expand its global sales and service network. 

Erik Vermeulen, CEO of Fastmicro B.V.:

“This vote of confidence from Value Creation Capital enables us to take the next step in scaling up our company. We will be able to develop the solutions and accelerate our market expansion to take advantage of the growing market for particle contamination. We contribute directly to addressing the growing yield and sustainability challenges in the microtechnology industry, caused by the increasing yield loss effects of particle contamination and related defectivities.”

Ronald Wissink, Managing Partner at Value Creation Capital:

“Fastmicro can offer a disruptive, alternative and much faster method with its approach to particle detection and quantitative measurements. We expect tremendous growth in the market for sub-micrometer particle contamination monitoring and cleanliness control services over the next few years in many of the microtechnology markets, such as Semiconductors and other high-precision manufacturing industries."

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About Fastmicro B.V.

Fastmicro is a technology leader in advanced surface particle contamination inspection equipment, serving the microtechnology industries. Our fast measurement solutions offer high throughput and cost-efficient contamination control at sub-micron level, reducing defectivity, failures and yield losses.

Our product range and analytics software cover a wide variety of applications and processes, including in-line inspection, transportable scanners, continuous particle fallout monitoring, and scanning modules for system integration. As an innovative metrology equipment and service supplier based in the Eindhoven Brainport area of the Netherlands, Fastmicro has a global presence with sales offices and local representation in Europe, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and the USA. We are committed to delivering exceptional value to our customers through our cutting-edge technology and unparalleled customer service.


About Value Creation Capital

Value Creation Capital is an investing entrepreneur in Deep Tech. Active as hands-on investor since 2005 with a wide network of technology experts. VCC supports ambitious Deep Tech start-ups and scale-ups with seed and growth funding and active in AI software and High-Tech.


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