Fastmicro participated at Dresden’s 18th Silicon Saxony Day

19 June 2024 by
Fastmicro participated at Dresden’s 18th Silicon Saxony Day
Fastmicro B.V.

Dresden, June 11, 2024 – Fastmicro made a significant impact at the 18th Silicon Saxony Day, one of Europe's premier high-tech and networking events, held at the Dresden International Airport. The event gathered more than 600 participants from Semiconductor and ICT Industry, including managing directors, decision-makers, engineers, and researchers from across the globe.

Silicon Saxony Day serves as a vital platform for The International Hight-Tech Business and Research Networking, facilitating cross-industry collaboration, knowledge exchange, and technology transfer. This year's event featured technology islands focused on industry-relevant top issues, providing a fertile ground for discussions on current trends, best practices, and innovative demonstrators.

A highlight of the event was the presentation by Fastmicro's CEO, Erik Vermeulen. Fastmicro showcased a groundbreaking technical study in collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific, demonstrating a more than 20x cycle-time increase in particle characterization. This was achieved by using Fastmicro's rapid particle detection and localization data with the Phenom SEM-EDX’s characterization capabilities. This accelerated workflow enables on-the-spot particle contamination root-cause analysis, promising significant efficiency improvements in the lithography supply chain and ensuring the provision of validated ultra-clean parts for Grade-1 manufacturing environments.

The presentation was met with great interest and enthusiasm, underscoring Fastmicro's commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of particle measurement and contamination control, leading to production yield and sustainability improvements.