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On June 11, 2024, the 18th Silicon Saxony Day will take place at the Dresden International Airport. Silicon Saxony Day is one of the most important international high-tech and networking events in Europe. Join the event with more than 600 international participants! Take the opportunity for cross-industry networking, knowledge & technology transfer and an open exchange on ICT technologies and their use. Meet managing directors, decision-makers, developers and engineers from the more than 480 Silicon Saxony members as well as entrepreneurs, researchers, scientists, politicians and buyers from Germany, Europe and around the world.

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Silicon Saxony Day is a business and research-related networking and presentation platform. Products and solutions from and for the key technological areas of the ICT sector are presented to an interested audience of technology providers and end users. This year, everything revolves around so-called technology islands on selected industry-relevant top issues. This is where participants, experts and exhibitors meet to exchange ideas, get first-hand best practices, or discuss current trends and demonstrators. Because it is only possible to connect, exchange ideas and grow together.

Erik Vermeulen, CEO

Time: 11:10 – 11:20 (CET)

Topic: Microelectronics Island Product Development (Microelectronics | morning)

Presentation Highlight:

A study in collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific is presented by Fastmicro that demonstrates a >20x cycle-time increase in particle characterization on a Phenom SEM-EDX in combination with Fastmicro particle measurement data. This is achieved by combining single FOV scattermetrology rapid particle detection and localization with SEM-EDX’s characterization capabilities. This accelerated workflow enables on-the-spot particle contamination root-cause analysis, promising significant efficiency improvements for instance in the lithography supply chain, which are required to provide validated ultra-clean parts for Grade-1 manufacturing environments

Registrations are closed
Date & Time
Tuesday, 11 June 2024
09:00 20:00 (Europe/Amsterdam)

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