Clean Event 2024

Don’t compromise, correlate: A Technical Study

A study is presented by Fastmicro in collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific that demonstrates a >20x cycle-time increase in particle characterization on a Phenom SEM-EDX in combination with Fastmicro particle measurement data. This is achieved by combining single FOV scattermetrology rapid particle detection and localization with SEM-EDX’s characterization capabilities. This accelerated workflow enables on-the-spot particle contamination root-cause analysis, promising significant efficiency improvements for instance in the lithography supply chain, which are required to provide validated ultra-clean parts for Grade-1 manufacturing environments.

Dennis de Graaff

Fastmicro B.V

Dennis de Graaff is Process Engineer at Fastmicro B.V. He joined Fastmicro in 2023 after his graduation as BASc. Chemistry at Avans University in plasma chemical engineering at DIFFER, the Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research. Dennis is responsible for particle sampling engineering projects that contribute to process optimization and new product development..

Paula Vena, Phd 

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.

Paula Vena is Customer Solutions Development Specialist at Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. She obtained her PhD from the Chemical Engineering and Chemistry Department of the Eindhoven University of Technology and later worked as a postdoctoral researcher in the Biomedical Engineering field. With her strong background in chemistry and electron microscopy, she joined Thermo Fisher in 2024, where she is responsible for developing SEM solutions for technical cleanliness challenges.

Date & Time
16 April 2024
03:00 11:00 Europe/Amsterdam

NH Conference Centre Koningshof

Locht 117, 5504 RM Veldhoven
--NH Conference Centre Koningshof--
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