Themed Heterogeneous Systems for the Intelligently Connected Era, the SEMI 3D & Systems Summit 2024 will focus on explaining a dynamic framework where components seamlessly collaborate to power the next generation of technological innovations. These systems enable the integration of diverse functionalities, from artificial intelligence algorithms to sensor data processing, paving the way for intelligent decision-making in real-time applications, in the pursuit of a connected and intelligent future.

Participants can enjoy the exclusive exhibition area that will feature the most prominent names in the industry alongside new and innovative companies. 

Several B2B matching opportunities await during the conference, including networking reception, coffee breaks, lunches, and a unique Networking Dinner Cruise at the beautiful Elbe River. 

Partner Event: 18th Silicon Saxony Day

Before heading to the SEMI 3D & Systems Summit, join the international high-tech community at the Silicon Saxony Day on June 11 at the Airport Dresden. Explore topics such as artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, smart wireless solutions and more.

Date & Time
12 June 2024
Start - 09:00
14 June 2024
End - 17:30 Europe/Amsterdam

Hilton Dresden Hotel An der Frauenkirche 5 01067 Dresden Germany

--Hilton Dresden Hotel An der Frauenkirche 5 01067 Dresden Germany--
--Hilton Dresden Hotel An der Frauenkirche 5 01067 Dresden Germany--
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