SEMICON Taiwan 2024

SEMICON Taiwan 2024


SEMICON Taiwan is the most influential semiconductor event in Taiwan, reaching records high in terms of scale in its 27-years of history, attracting 700 exhibitors, using total 2,450 booths, and organizing over 20 international forums. This year will spotlight eight key industry themes, such as advanced manufacturing, heterogeneous integration, compound semiconductors, auto chips, smart manufacturing, sustainability, semiconductor cybersecurity and workforce.

SEMICON Taiwan is one of the best business matching platforms for plenty of companies, aiming to not only advance technological frontiers, but also bring innovation in various kinds of technologies forward. For semiconductor players who are closely connected with the global supply chain, SEMICON Taiwan is also an excellent opportunity to showcase the latest solutions, whereas it is a must-visit for visitors to get to know what’s new from thousands of exhibitors in a short time.

Date & Time
Wednesday, 4 September 2024
Start - 15:00 (Asia/Taipei)
Saturday, 7 September 2024
End - 02:00 (Asia/Taipei)

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TaiNEX Hall 1 and 2, Taipei, Taiwan

--TaiNEX Hall 1 and 2, Taipei, Taiwan--
--TaiNEX Hall 1 and 2, Taipei, Taiwan--

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